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Hispanic Americans in Physics: Past, Present, and Future

And welcome to our website celebrating the accomplishments of those Hispanic Americans who have studied physics and have gone on, or are going on, to make significant contributions to physics, physics/science education, or in other related fields.

Here you will be introduced to women and men whose curiousity, whose eagerness to learn, and whose passion to share what they learn have given us cause to celebrate. But though we take great care to present as accurate and clear a picture as possible, we are not a library. So feel free to start your reading here but do not stop here. (Photo copyright and ownership)

Name Index
How do we choose these physicists?

Mario Acuna Luis W. Alvarez Albert Baez
Carlos Bustamante Marcela Carena Ines Cifuentes
France Cordova Jaime Escalante Angel Garcia
Jose D. Garcia Gabriela Gonzalez Ramon Lopez
Juan Maldacena Jose Mestre Mario Molina
Ellen Ochoa Luis A. Orozco Jorge Pullin
Elba E. Serrano Magaly Spector Matias Zaldarriaga