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Jorge Pullin was born in 1963 in Argentina and first attended the University of Buenos Aires before receiving his graduate degrees from the Instituto Balserio. He worked at the University of Cordoba, Syracuse University, and the University of Utah before he joined the faculty of Penn State University in 1993 and is now the Horace Hearne Chair in Theoretical Physics at Louisiana State University. He and his wife (Gabriela Gonzalez) moved there in 2001.

Dr. Pullin's research focuses on the study of the theory of gravity, in particular, he studies the implications of black hole collisions and also how we may be able to unite our understanding of quantum theory with that of gravity. He has co-authored a book Loops, Knots, Gauge Theories and Quantum Gravity (1996) with his longtime collaborator Rolofo Gambini of Uruguay.

image of Jorge Pullin

Owned by Jorge Pullin

In addition to being a Fellow of the APS, Dr. Pullin is also a Fellow of the AAAS, and he was awarded the Edward A. Bouchet Award of the APS in 2001.


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