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Marcela Carena was born in Argentina and received her bachelor's degree in physics from the Instituto Balseiro of Bariloche, Argentina in 1985. She attended the University of Hamburg and received her physics Ph.D. in 1989. She worked at CERN before becoming a staff scientist at the Fermi National Laboratory in 1997.

Dr. Carena is a theoretical particle physicist whose work focuses on the characteristics of matter and the fundamental nature of the universe. Many of her talks (both technical and popular) appear on her website at http://home.fnal.gov/~carena/talks.html, referenced 4 November 2007.

While at Fermilab, Marcela Carena began a visitor's program that allows students from Latin America in to study at the accelerator as part of their graduate work.

Dr. Carena became a Fellow of the APS in 2002.

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