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Endorsement of APS Back Page Editorial, June 27, 2013
Admissions Criteria and Diversity in Graduate School (February 2013)

The National Society of Hispanic Physicists fully endorses the analysis and recommendations of Professor Casey Miller’s editorial, Admissions Criteria and Diversity in Graduate School (The Back Page, APS News, February 2013, V 22, #2).

The qualities that make an effective physics graduate student are evidently too varied, complex, and inter-related to be measured successfully by a standardized test. If the GRE or any other standardized test is used at all it should be as one factor of a student’s profile. Undergraduate preparation (courses and grades), letters from faculty who know the applicant, and undergraduate research experience all combine to offer a more balanced indication of the potential of an applicant than a standardized test alone.

As physics programs work to recruit the most promising students, the selection of applicants is too important to leave to an instrument as uncorrelated with success as standardized tests. In particular, the use of a score on the GRE General Test, the GRE Physics Subject Test, or any other standardized test to determine automatic cut-offs or elimination should cease.