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The Board

The Board of the National Society of Hispanic Physicists is elected by the membership every two years. Those serving in the Presidential line serve for 6 years first as President Elect, then President, and finally Past President.

Board of the NSHP

2014-2015 Board

Luz J. Martinez-Miranda
University of Maryland
Web Page:
e-mail address:

SURA Representative
David J. Ernst
Vanderbilt University
Web Page:
e-mail address:

Past President
Sergio E. Ulloa
Ohio University
Web Page:
e-mail address:ULLOA@OHIO.EDU

Ramon E. Lopez
The University of Texas at Arlington
Web Page:
e-mail address:

Jesús Pando
DePaul University
Web Page:
e-mail address:

Communcation Officer
Jorge A. Lopez
University of Texas at El Paso
Web Page:
email address:

Technical Officer
Raul Armendariz
Queensborough Community College

Education Officer
Juan R. Burciaga
Bowdoin College
Web Page:
e-mail address:

In order to better understand the varying needs of the NSHP community, other members of the community are asked to serve by the Board as an unofficial Advisory Panel. These people may advise on a particular issue or be involved on a broad range of topics. Frequently these people may be former Board members, liasions with other organizations, or can represent a particular constituency within NSHP.