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Student Gateway: The World of Physics

What is physics about? How do you prepare for physics while still in high school? How do you do well in physics?
What kind of job do you get with a physics degree?

Consejos -- In many cultures before children become young men and women they are frequently advised to go and listen to los consejos de los abuelos. And the advice our grandparents give us is typically things like Listen before you speak, Finish what you start, Never forget your family, or Face up to your problems. Things we knew ... things we'd heard about ... things we did not understand until much later.

Here students will find essays, resources and web links to help them address many frequently asked questions about the nature and practice of physics, the career opportunities within physics, and how to more effectively study physics. But again you will find that much of these are things you knew ... things you'd heard about ... things you may not understand until much later.

How do you apply to graduate school?
Why/How do you start doing research as an undergraduate? Opportunities for Undergraduate and Graduate Students How do you study for the GRE?


image of atom Some Physics Resources

Disclaimer and Warning:Since you are visiting this site I assume that you are a student wanting to improve your effectiveness studying physics. That is good and I maintain this site for just that reason. But I will have to speak about things in general that should not be talked about in general. What that means is that you should not depend only (or primarily) on this page. You should talk to your instructor and check out the counseling and study skills resources available to you. The sites I use for references are good sites but may not be the best and the list is certainly not exhaustive. Please let me know if there is something I should know.

Juan R. Burciaga