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How Do I get Started in Academia? How Do I Work with Students from Under-represented Groups? How Can Departments Work to Promote Divesity and Inclusion in the Physics Community?

Though most of our (NSHP) attention is usually focused on students, particularly Hispanic and Latinic students, we are equally concerned about faculty.

Never before have junior faculty been asked to so quickly and demonstrably become effective teachers, researchers, and members of the academic community. But many junior faculty are still struggling with the meaning, responsibilities, and activities of being a member of the faculty.

Here you will find some discussion and resources that can help you clarify some of your questions and also provide resources to help you do your job well.

In addition, we (the NSHP) are a unique resource for departments and organizations looking to become more inclusive. Incorporating an increasingly diverse membership is a challenging task.

Here organizations will find an association whose members are all committed to the professional well-being of Hispanic and Latinic students, faculty and STEM professionals. And an association where many of the members and officers are themselves from Hispanic or Latinic cultures.

We are more than the words on these pages. We represent a resource of dynamic, interactive experiences and perspectives.

Disclaimer and Warning:I will be speaking about things in general that should not be talked about in general. What that means is that you should not depend only (or primarily) on this page. You should make use of the other resources referenced. The sites I use for references are good sites but may not be the best and the list is certainly not exhaustive. The advocacy societies and the professional societies are ready to help you pursue your goals. Make use of them as needed. Please let me know if there is something I should know.

Juan R. Burciaga