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Hola. And welcome to our website.

Though we have tried to anticipate your questions ... we are much more than these few pages can contain.

Here you will find physicists, people passionate about the study of the universe, who are also familiar with the problems and challenges you may encounter as you begin to study physics or as you join the professional community of physicists.

As few other groups are able, we recognize how poorly the words Hispanic-American, Latina, Chicano, or any other such term can capture the diversity, richness, complexity, joy and sorrows of our gente (people).

And as no one else can, we can speak to our experiences -- to why we study physics, some of the problems we encountered as we chose our future, and our difficulties and joys in being a physicist.

So ... please visit our pages ... learn what you can ... then feel free to reach out to one of us.

We are eager to speak to students (of all levels) as they begin the study of physics; to their parents and families who may need to know more; to junior Hispanic faculty/researchers as they start their careers; and to more senior Hispanic faculty and scientists who have learned much and are willing to share their experiences. We are also eager to work with teachers, faculty and administrators as they move to include a group so sadly under-represented in physics and in all of higher education. A group that, yes, does face many challenges but also one that has so much promise.

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Our Next Meetings

NSHP, AAPT, and NSBP present the 2021 Inclusive Curriculum in Physics-Workshop Series, a three part virtual workshops series bringing together experts in equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) and physics educators to focus on inclusivity in physics curriculum, instruction and grant-funded education projects.

Workshop 1: Diverse perspectives and bold visions for the Inclusive Classroom
April 3rd, 2021
1-5:30 pm EDT

Registration for Workshop 1 is now open. Workshop 1 is open to all but to participate in Workshops 2 and 3, participants must attend Workshop 1.